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This is a blog dedicated to all the beautiful things I love.Mostly books,tv-shows and movies.

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Seinfeld + Running Gags

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt attends the premiere of ‘White Bird In A Blizzard’ [a movie directed by his ‘Mysterious Skin’ director,Gregg Araki] at ArcLight Hollywood on Oct 21,2014 (photocredit:Jason Kempin,Getty Images)

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Chungking Express

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 Unused poster for the movie ‘Hesher’ (made by Jeremy Saunders)

So that’s my story.

…and I thought of all the grief and suffering and fucked up stuff in the world and it made me want to escape.

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We’re all kind of weird and twisted and drowning.

Elizabeth Olsen photographed by Alex Prager

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Film Genre Meme: drama (2/5)

The idea is to leave here a little smarter.

A Prophet (2009)

Last time (in July, I think?) the video only came up on youtube after a couple of weeks after the event, so I think we’ll have to wait a little bit. )

Yeah,i know that,But i was actually fearing that we won’t get to see it at all this time due to copyright issues and all that,just like it happened with that great live-reading of Pulp Fiction event from the beginning of the year.I mean,I don’t even expect an ~official~ video this time,only a private video recorded by someone in the audience and uploaded to youtube or smth.Anyway i just wanted to put my desire into the universe in an ~out-loud~ manner,who knows,it worked in some instances in the past…:o)

As a friend, I’m a good listener. I think I give good advice and I’m loyal. I’m quite reserved – I enjoy listening more than I enjoy talking. And I’m usually really difficult to break, I have a guard up. I don’t know whether that’s because of the jobs that;I’ve been on or whether it’s always been there, but I’m always really quiet to begin with.

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Book challenge 3: 11/15 - South of the Border,West of the Sun by Haruki Murakami